Tiny Treats!

After all the wood work I did earlier in the year, have been on a weenie crochet kick lately. Little easier on the hands and each project gets done a bit quicker – and frankly I find it relaxing to crochet :)

Anyway, made some tiny little things for show and tell. Here is a sweet one – a tasty cupcake made from a free pattern by Janine Holmes of Moji-moji Designs.


The next is a sweet little pup. He is made from a couple of patterns – head, ears, and tail are from a free pattern by Teri Crews and the rest of the body is based on the Bubblegum Bear by Stefanie Devlin.


Then, just finished today is a neato little monster fella – he is also made from a pattern by Janine Holmes.


All the gang here are delighted to see these new additions as we will be keeping them – lots of play possiblities and that is what life is about, right?



Alex was very pleased indeed to have new items that were not…. PINK! He is kinda right, we have too much pink stuff around here…

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