Something Old, Something New

5 Inch Painted & Jointed Wood Doll Made In 2010.

5 Inch Painted & Jointed Wood Doll Made In 2010.

Been going through a bit of reorganizing and reevaluating around here. Robin (her full name is Robin Rose Fairfield) pictured above has been in a box for a couple years and I was happy to “rediscover” her. When she was first made in 2010, she starred in a couple of the little stories I did using my dolls and she, for what ever expedient reason I had at the time, had taken on the role of “the authoritarian” in some dolly drama. It clouded my view of her for quite awhile…

Have to say, I just don’t see her that way anymore. She is just as sweet and childlike as the day I made her and am quite happy that of all the five inch little girl dolls I made like this, I kept her. After having made some slightly larger polymer dolls last year, she seems quite delicate now. I think when time allows this year, I will replace her arms and legs with more articulated wood ones and she will be capable of a much wider range of motion and emotion. Something to look forward to!

And to see Robin staring in some dolly drama, you can visit the Stories section of my website – she is in a few:

2 thoughts on “Something Old, Something New

  1. I’m so glad you are seeing Robin Rose with fresh eyes again, Christine. She is a lovely girl, made extra special by her flowered ponytail holders. I always identify her by those!

    I think the Hooligans must have got to her with their antics and that’s why she was acting “authoritarian” for a time. Everyone needs a time out now and again and are usually better for it when they return. Of course, having a little clown bear always helps to put things in perspective! Has she honked Robin Rose’s nose yet? That’s always a sure sign of them hitting it off well. Just ask Omri and Opal Joy. They’ll tell you it’s true!

    • I’ll have to ask her about the honking thing. Maybe it works like hitting the reset button on one’s sense of humor – we all need a bit of that from time to time :)

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