J is for Jump

J is for Jump, and though the plan was dandy,
Ruby covered her eyes cause she did’t want to see,
Daredevil Dill and his trusty spotter Pandy,
Into the bucket he flies – one, two, three!

I is for Ice

I is for Ice, a cool glorious plateful,
Ready for the heat today which will be blistering,
The little dolls bared all and are grateful,
Even before eight o’clock in the morning!

H is for Hat

H is for Hat, the gang all donned today,
Some pretty silly and some in pretty pinks,
“To each his own”, I heard Marcellus say,
“It matters not what anyone really thinks!”

F is for Fabric

F is for Fabric, to make a little furry jacket,
I expected Ruby would most likely choose peach,
But after seeing all the colors contained in the packet,
She simply said, “I’ll take one of each!”

E is for Earful

E is for Earful, which Ruby got today,
Pandy was upset and had much to say,
The buddies had taken their snacks,
And piled them up in neat stacks,
After which Dill said – now you go away!

A is for Alex

A is for Alex who is in trouble today,
He though he could climb into the cupboard to play,
But when he got to the top,
He fell on his head with a big ‘ol kerflop,
And now on the floor with all the dishes he lay.