Headed Home Now…

Finally. The time has come to head home. I have spent the last difficult year learning to use the software, Electric Quilt. I fancied that I might spend the rest of my time just making quilts and while this type of 2D design is intriguing, I never actually made a quilt. The design part was more interesting! Below are a few of my favorites but you can see more EQ designs on my Instagram feed. The images are digital – no cloth involved :)

So, I am headed home. We have spent the last three years here in Houston while some family business was attended to. Now back to Southern California – this time we hope to settle in the little coastal town of Ventura which is just west of LA and south of Santa Barbara. During all the many years we lived in LA, we would often go on weekend day trips to Ventura just for fun. There was a row of thrift shops that we just loved to wander thru. We would take the dogs and make a day of it. Now it seems it would be just the place to be close enough to LA to work but far enough, well, far enough :)

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  1. Good luck with the move. This is indeed a difficult time to relocate but being in a smaller town will definitely be good. I love the digital quilts!

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