Headed Home Now…

Finally. The time has come to head home. I have spent the last difficult year learning to use the software, Electric Quilt. I fancied that I might spend the rest of my time just making quilts and while this type of 2D design is intriguing, I never actually made a quilt. The design part was more interesting! Below are a few of my favorites but you can see more EQ designs on my Instagram feed. The images are digital – no cloth involved :)

So, I am headed home. We have spent the last three years here in Houston while some family business was attended to. Now back to Southern California – this time we hope to settle in the little coastal town of Ventura which is just west of LA and south of Santa Barbara. During all the many years we lived in LA, we would often go on weekend day trips to Ventura just for fun. There was a row of thrift shops that we just loved to wander thru. We would take the dogs and make a day of it. Now it seems it would be just the place to be close enough to LA to work but far enough, well, far enough :)

And Now For Something Completely Different…

Well, long time no blog…

What can I say? It’s been almost four years and so many changes have happened. First of all, my dearest friends Victoria and Sharon who I shared my love of dolls and miniatures both passed away. My eyesight changed to the point where it is very uncomfortable for me to do anything miniature. I moved from California back to Houston Texas to be near my family. I spent five months being basically a hospice nurse for my father before he passed away as well. In all the chaos, my creative mojo went south.

Not that I was doing nothing. I spend many many months just knitting, crocheting, and sewing furiously to keep my hands busy. The items I produced were hats, scarves, mitts, dresses, zippered bags, tote bags – some for family and most to donate to my favorite dog rescue in Canada for her fund raising efforts.

Some years ago I purchased a bunch of quilting classes on Craftsy (now BluPrint) and have begun to watch them again. I had also purchased Electric Quilt which is a computer program for designing quilt patterns. I had never learned how to use it…

So now I am watching and learning. To have some quilt handwork to do, I purchased some English Paper Piecing hexagons and so far have been basting the batik fabrics to them before sewing together. Will probably make yet another tote bag out of a panel of these rather than a quilt….but you never know.

To anyone who reads this who was following my blog for my doll and miniature work, thank you so much. If the last few years has taught me anything, it is that life is a series of changes. If you have a good run of stability, savor it for all it’s worth and accept it when it passes… as it must.

D Is For Dog


No, not starting another alphabet :)

But, I just finished something that I am happy with for a change. My life seems to center around dogs these days and I have been looking for an outlet to bring that focus into my creative world also. After trying a few more cartoon/anime looking patterns, I found and modified a pattern with more realistic proportions and I like it very much. This is the direction to go!


This little fella is 5 inches long with glass eyes and jointed hind legs – so he can sit when asked, of course.



Next one will be fully my own pattern and might even have wire in the neck for even better poses :)

V is for Vine

V is for Vine, dangling in a Mulberry tree,
Phaseolus caracalla in the morning sun,
Ruby is enjoying the beautiful flower,
And Pandy thinks playing Tarzan is fun!

T is for Tired

T is for Tired, worn completely out,
Mama Ruby drifts off in her chair.
After tending to little ones all day,
Blessed sleep knits up the raveled sleeve of care.