A Kiss Goodbye..


Auntie Ruby was up early this morning cause she wanted to be sure little Pippa had a full tummy before she was scheduled to travel to her Mama, Sara Jo, later this afternoon.


The little lady was very good and ate all her cereal – she was quite hungry….


Ruby made sure she was burped cause no one wants to go traveling with a painful tummy!


Pippa visited one last time with Marcellus and Mini while Ruby got her travel crib all ready. I notice that Mini decided to sit out of nose bonking reach this time :)


One last kiss on the forehead and baby Pippa is now all ready to go off to the waiting arms of Sara Jo!

4 thoughts on “A Kiss Goodbye..

  1. You have created one of the most beautiful series of photos depicting motherly love that I’ve ever seen, Christine. I have a lump in my throat.

    Well done, little Ruby. No one could give little Pippa a finer send off on her journey to her forever home.

    Kisses to you both,

  2. Oh you are so right Victoria! That beautiful picture of Ruby kissing Pippa is priceless! It brought tears to my eyes. What a good big sister she would be. Love these pictures, Christine. Love the girls!
    Sara Jo doesn’t know she is getting Pippa. She knows something is happening because of all the excitement. It will be a big surprise for her.

  3. This nearly had me in tears. Beautiful photos and story. I’m glad the wee one is going to a forever home where she’ll be loved and cherished as she deserves. Congratulations to her creator, another triumph of art. I love your babes, no matter what medium or type.

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