A Good Day To Be Born!

OK – for all of you following the work in progress of a rabbit named Oakley – today he was scheduled for his “e” section (“e” being for elastic). Here is the delicate procedure as it happened blow by blow….









“Wee!” he says “I am a real boy at last!”


I set him down gently so he could get his balance.


And he said – “OK, I think I got it now!”


And off he went climbing up to the table top where I had put some flowers earlier this morning…


These are too small for me to smell anything – but his wee nose could pick up the delicate fragrances!


And he declared that it was a good day to be born!

Started many years ago and then put aside, this boy is 1.5 inches high and is carved Holly wood fully painted and varnished to silky smooth. Please welcome Oakley The Magnificent – rabbit of the world and slightly magical being :)

He’ll be off on a trip to his forever home in Athens Georgia tomorrow…

And if you wish to see more of Oakley in his new life, stay tuned to Victoria’s section of this blog – where I am sure he will be appearing (in more ways than one) soon :)

7 thoughts on “A Good Day To Be Born!

  1. Isn’t Oakley just about the most beautiful little creation you’ve ever seen (with the exception of all the other beautiful creations you’ve made for me, Christine)!

    He really has something magical in him. There is so much personality there. The Room Box Gang will be crazy about him!


  2. Wow, seeing Oakley come to life certainly shows the love he was created with, he practically sparkles joy and Love – and the importance of enjoying the flowers too – Absolutely Adore him! Beautiful job Christine, and Oh Victoria – he does look so Delighted to be Hopping home to YoU! :)

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