Was delighted when my friend Victoria asked me to do a portrait doll of her daughter’s dog – little Zoey is a Chihuahua mix of some kind with very attractive black and brown markings on her coat.


Being a Chihuahua lover myself (have two of my own), this was a fun project and hope to make more such dogs in the future.


She is a tad bigger than 1.5 inches high, is carved from Holly wood, and is 6 way elastic ball jointed – very poseable indeed!


She had a nice long chat with the other tiny dogs that live here, Toby and Peetie – and they all decided it was better to just sit on the floor this time so not to cause an controversy with someone who will not be named :)

Tiny Flower Fairy


Finally done now – this little one is 1 3/8th inch high, carved from Holly wood, and painted with alkyd oil paints. Her dress is crocheted from sewing thread.


I had some fun making her little flower garland headdress and wings. The flowers on the headdress got sewn to the basic green cap and before I clipped off the extra thread, it occurred to me that it actually looked better to leave the long tails as is. Seemed more etherial that way…


And the wings are a simple application of ultra suede wrapped around the chest like a bra under the dress bib. Worked well!


So now she is ready to fly off to her new home – I hope she brings sweet dusties to all her new friends there!