A is for Alex

A is for Alex who is in trouble today,
He though he could climb into the cupboard to play,
But when he got to the top,
He fell on his head with a big ‘ol kerflop,
And now on the floor with all the dishes he lay.

Alan Phone Holmes











Groan! Ok, bad puns aside – I am ever so happy to introduce you all to Alan The Alien. Brought to you by yours truly and Mama Holmes – that is, of course, the wonderful Janine Holmes of Mojimoji Designs! Have been having a delightful time making up her great patterns lately.

Weenie little Alan himself is 5/8th inch tall standing and his spaceship is exactly one inch from tripod to antennae. Made from sewing thread and lots of patience :)

You can see more of Janine’s work on her blog:

Mojimoji Designs

Tiny Treats!

After all the wood work I did earlier in the year, have been on a weenie crochet kick lately. Little easier on the hands and each project gets done a bit quicker – and frankly I find it relaxing to crochet :)

Anyway, made some tiny little things for show and tell. Here is a sweet one – a tasty cupcake made from a free pattern by Janine Holmes of Moji-moji Designs.


The next is a sweet little pup. He is made from a couple of patterns – head, ears, and tail are from a free pattern by Teri Crews and the rest of the body is based on the Bubblegum Bear by Stefanie Devlin.


Then, just finished today is a neato little monster fella – he is also made from a pattern by Janine Holmes.


All the gang here are delighted to see these new additions as we will be keeping them – lots of play possiblities and that is what life is about, right?



Alex was very pleased indeed to have new items that were not…. PINK! He is kinda right, we have too much pink stuff around here…

Tiger, Tiger

It may have been all a dream for little Alex – but no dream for us. Months in the making, this happy fellow is now finally finished and will be off to Athens Georgia soon.

He is 2.125 inches high and is carved Holly wood with painted details and elastic joints.

Am sure he is bound to get into lots of adventures as he will be with his fellow buddies, Omri and Oakley and the rest of the gang there in Athens land.

And he is bringing along with him his wee inanimate selfie!



Was delighted when my friend Victoria asked me to do a portrait doll of her daughter’s dog – little Zoey is a Chihuahua mix of some kind with very attractive black and brown markings on her coat.


Being a Chihuahua lover myself (have two of my own), this was a fun project and hope to make more such dogs in the future.


She is a tad bigger than 1.5 inches high, is carved from Holly wood, and is 6 way elastic ball jointed – very poseable indeed!


She had a nice long chat with the other tiny dogs that live here, Toby and Peetie – and they all decided it was better to just sit on the floor this time so not to cause an controversy with someone who will not be named :)

Tiny Flower Fairy


Finally done now – this little one is 1 3/8th inch high, carved from Holly wood, and painted with alkyd oil paints. Her dress is crocheted from sewing thread.


I had some fun making her little flower garland headdress and wings. The flowers on the headdress got sewn to the basic green cap and before I clipped off the extra thread, it occurred to me that it actually looked better to leave the long tails as is. Seemed more etherial that way…


And the wings are a simple application of ultra suede wrapped around the chest like a bra under the dress bib. Worked well!


So now she is ready to fly off to her new home – I hope she brings sweet dusties to all her new friends there!


New Pup & More


Well, after beaucoup work and computer related time killers, this boy is finally finished. He will be off to his forever home in New Mexico soon – but before his departure, we had to have a little photo shoot so show off his glorious self….


For lack of better name temporarily, we are calling him “Mr. Pup” – he is 1 1/2 inches high and has eight (count ’em 8!) ball joints strung with jewelry elastic.


Carved from Holly wood, painted with alkyd oil paints, and polyurathane varnished up to silky perfection.


Was fun to paint this type of patchy pattern on his backside.


He is a very happy Beagle boy!


He found another little doggy friend here and they decided to sit for a chat before his flight to New Mexico.


I think someone felt a bit jealous, though….





Anyway, not sure what became of that little bit of dolly politics. As it turns out, Robin was just coming by to tell the hooligans some good news. Auntie Victoria has agreed (and already started to work on) a little wee home just for them. Someplace where they can make the rules and no biggy dolls will be allowed. How cool is that?!!