A Kiss Goodbye..


Auntie Ruby was up early this morning cause she wanted to be sure little Pippa had a full tummy before she was scheduled to travel to her Mama, Sara Jo, later this afternoon.


The little lady was very good and ate all her cereal – she was quite hungry….


Ruby made sure she was burped cause no one wants to go traveling with a painful tummy!


Pippa visited one last time with Marcellus and Mini while Ruby got her travel crib all ready. I notice that Mini decided to sit out of nose bonking reach this time :)


One last kiss on the forehead and baby Pippa is now all ready to go off to the waiting arms of Sara Jo!

Baby Pippa’s Birthday

I have a long time good friend some of you know who never met a baby she didn’t like :) So, when I was reviewing some unfinished dolls I had stashed and came across this one who was mostly done except for hair and painting, I knew Sharon would be interested. She saw right away that this would make a great baby doll for her doll Sara Jo (see earlier posts here) and so it came to be. Today she was born and got her little playdress….. Here is the sequence for all of you who enjoy work in progress pics!






She thought that part really tickled!





Needing a little dusting off at this point.


And here she is – Pippa Jo Fairfield!


I put her down to chat with Mini Clown Bear while I made preparations for her dress….


Trying on my test dress pattern – looks pretty good…


Now out of correct color of fabric.


Now the fun part where the details get painted on. Am using water based gouache paints mixed with acrylic medium – not as gunky as regular acrylic paints but dries waterproof. Couple layers on each part and then some polyurethane matte varnish too.


While waiting for that to dry, she got some hair bows. Those are also finished off with dots of matte varnish to keep them from unravelling.


OK – then the back seam of the dress is sewn.


Now starting to put straps on the front. Will crochet the threads into a chain for each strap.


An estimate for how long the straps will be.


Now the back skirt of the dress is gathered up a bit so the waist is form fitting and the skirt is still full (so she can sit).


I hear Marilyn Monroe was sew into her clothes, too :)


OK, here one of the straps is now being attached in the back. The straps cross in the back.


Finally done with that fiddly work and the skirt looks good – nice and full in the back.


She went back to the table and looked long and hard at Mini….


Then stepped right up and honked her in the nose!!




“Pick me up now!!!”

Baby Pippa will be on her way to her forever home in New Mexico tomorrow. She is 1 3/8th inch high carved from a combination of bass wood and birch. She is fully painted with Alkyd oil paints. Some of you may recognize that she is a sister to a doll I made some years ago named, Phoenix – yes, they were both carved at the same time but Pippa was waiting till today to be born :)

A Good Day To Be Born!

OK – for all of you following the work in progress of a rabbit named Oakley – today he was scheduled for his “e” section (“e” being for elastic). Here is the delicate procedure as it happened blow by blow….









“Wee!” he says “I am a real boy at last!”


I set him down gently so he could get his balance.


And he said – “OK, I think I got it now!”


And off he went climbing up to the table top where I had put some flowers earlier this morning…


These are too small for me to smell anything – but his wee nose could pick up the delicate fragrances!


And he declared that it was a good day to be born!

Started many years ago and then put aside, this boy is 1.5 inches high and is carved Holly wood fully painted and varnished to silky smooth. Please welcome Oakley The Magnificent – rabbit of the world and slightly magical being :)

He’ll be off on a trip to his forever home in Athens Georgia tomorrow…

And if you wish to see more of Oakley in his new life, stay tuned to Victoria’s section of this blog – where I am sure he will be appearing (in more ways than one) soon :)

New Arrivals in Athens Land!

Christine (DandelionFair) crocheted these two darlings and when I saw them, I knew twins, Gwyneth and Ginger, would love to adopt them for their very own. The girls will be really good mommies to the whale pups.

The Whale Pups Arrived

Aren't they adorable

Ginger and Gwyneth receive their new pets

The twins named their whale pups Wesley and Buttercup

(The twins love the story, “The Princess Bride”!)

I wish everyone could see Wesley and Buttercup wagging their little tails while they squirm just like puppies on the beach cabana’s sandy floor! The girls are enchanted and the whales are beautifully made. We couldn’t be happier!



Omri: “Hi everyone! Meet my new cookie bodyguard, Mongo! Since we’re invited to Opal Joy’s post holiday tea party this afternoon, I thought I should bring Mongo along to guard all the cookie treats. Merely a precaution, you understand.”


Omri, Mongo, Gwyn and Gin make the trek over to the big tea party bash in the main hall.

Omri has given Mongo his first assignment: guard his double chocolate cookies from any and all hostile parties!

Looks like most of the Room Box Gang is here. Let’s see … there’s Marie, Jill, baby bears, Peace and Love …

And there’s Opal Joy at the head of the table. The Pixies (Merrie and Twiggy) and Milly came, too!

Ah there she is! Omri’s darling, the Fair Princess Crystabelle! Looks like there’s a seat at the table next to her, just for Omri. Opal Joy is so thoughtful!

The Fair Princess Crystabelle awaits her prince!)

Look at the selection of mouthwatering treats! All of this came fresh from the kitchen of Pamela, Granne and Cherie! They are such talented bakery chefs!

Upon Omri’s request, Mongo will serve the double chocolate cookies, also from the kitchen of Pamela, Granne and Cheri! (There is no danger of Mongo eating the cookies. He is a savory flavor kind of monster. Another plus is that Mongo is a vegan!)

Gwyn and Gin have a seat at their table.

“Everything looks so good,” they exclaimed!

“And I’ll just climb up on this chair,” says Omri.

“All righty then! Gee, everything looks so tasty. Smells wonderf ….. ”

“Oh no! Say it isn’t so! Not here … in Athens Land … at this very party!!!”



Mongo: “Mongo right here, Omri … OH MY GOODNESS! Mookie, is that you?”

Cookie Monster: “Mongo! Good Buddy! Long time no see!”

Omri: “Mongo, I can’t believe it! You are FRIENDS with this EATER of cookies?”

Mongo: “Yes, oh master Omri, “Mookie” and I go way way back. We went to Monster High together! See, here is a high school picture of us.”

Cookie Monster or better known by his nickname, “Mookie”, arrived in Athens Land yesterday. Here is a picture of him just before he exited his travel pod.

Omri: “Crystabelle, Crystabelle, what should I do? I have always lived in fear of Cookie Monster’s ravenous appetite for cookies. What shall I do? I beg you, dear one, give me a sign!”

And she does! Three honks on the nose – one honk for I like you; one honk for I like you-like you; the third honk is to say it will be alright, my Dear Prince Omri. Now, sit down and have some tea and cookies before it all gets cold.”

And Milly says, “Seriously!”

And so he does. And so they do!

The End

Something Old, Something New

5 Inch Painted & Jointed Wood Doll Made In 2010.

5 Inch Painted & Jointed Wood Doll Made In 2010.

Been going through a bit of reorganizing and reevaluating around here. Robin (her full name is Robin Rose Fairfield) pictured above has been in a box for a couple years and I was happy to “rediscover” her. When she was first made in 2010, she starred in a couple of the little stories I did using my dolls and she, for what ever expedient reason I had at the time, had taken on the role of “the authoritarian” in some dolly drama. It clouded my view of her for quite awhile…

Have to say, I just don’t see her that way anymore. She is just as sweet and childlike as the day I made her and am quite happy that of all the five inch little girl dolls I made like this, I kept her. After having made some slightly larger polymer dolls last year, she seems quite delicate now. I think when time allows this year, I will replace her arms and legs with more articulated wood ones and she will be capable of a much wider range of motion and emotion. Something to look forward to!

And to see Robin staring in some dolly drama, you can visit the Stories section of my website – she is in a few:


January 7, 2014

This afternoon, I was sitting on the sofa, contemplating my next project, when I look up to see Opal Joy at the window sill.

Hmmm, what's up, I wonder ...

And the Pixies, Philip (and The Velveteen Rabbit); plus Omri, Marie and Jill …

Where is it

And where there is Philip and the Pixies, there will be Trudy …

Hey everyone ... what's happening

Oh my, looks like the gang’s all here!

What’s going on, Kiddos?  What are you looking at?

What's going on, kiddos

“We are looking at the complete and total absence of snow!”

(Ah, dear Milly … she does get right to the point …)

We are looking at the lack of snow



Okay, so the weather person was a little off on the snow prediction, but cheer up little ones, I promise time will take care of that and you’ll have more snow than you know what to do with!


January 5, 2014

Greetings from Athens Land!  The Room Box Gang and I have been following the track of freezing cold temps as they move across the country. Tomorrow, the weather man promises that we are going to get our first snow.

In preparation, my husband, John, has weatherstripped the front door and we think that is helping to keep out some of the cold air.  We purchased a portable heater and that baby has been keeping us cozy in our living room.

The Room Box Gang live at Cubeicle Corners Apartments, an 18 unit “high rise” that is located in our living room as well.  Slowly, but surely, I am building room boxes for all the residents.  So far, Hitty Victoria has her Art Nouveau styled room box;

WIP  Hitty Victoria's Room Box 1

twins Gwyneth and Ginger have their beach cabana styled room box;

Beach Cabana Room Box 02

the pixies, Twiggy and Merrie, share their tree house room box with crochet twins, Trudy and Philip.

Treehouse Room Box is Done!


Trudy and Philip have great love and concern for Twiggy's well-being.  In this photo, Twiggy was working herself to death trying to keep up with the leaves in the Oak Grove in Athens Land.  Trudy and Philip had to rescue her and bring her inside for her own good.

Trudy and Philip have great love and concern for Twiggy’s well-being. In this photo, Twiggy was working herself to death trying to keep up with the leaves in the Oak Grove in Athens Land. Trudy and Philip had to rescue her and bring her inside for her own good.

My newest delight is Opal Joy and her baby clown bear, Crystabelle. While Opal Joy was “gestating” at Christine’s workshop, I was busy making her a dreamy little girl room box with a sleeping loft.  It is still a work in progress …

The chair will be moved to the desk once Opal Joy's chair arrivesOpal Joy heads off to bed


I have been rushing to make my kiddos some warm clothing.  It’s a big task, which will probably be finished right about when spring arrives!

Opal Joy, being new to the area and very curious to explore everything, needs warm clothes first.  She’s been running about all over my coffee table as I work on her outfits while sitting on the sofa in front of my handy dandy space heater.

I’d just finished her warm winter hat when Omri pops in out of nowhere to let us know (in his words), “Thar’s a strong winter wind a’coming!”


Thar's a strong winter wind a'coming


So, with that ominous declaration, I best get busy!

So glad you’ve stopped by!  We do hope to see you again real soon!


Victoria and the Room Box Gang




Finally have had time to reopen my Etsy shop and Cookie is here to celebrate with me :) That is news to celebrate because the last few months I have been working on a couple long term projects and had no time for smaller items. Since I only post things that are made and ready to ship, my shop is often empty. This year will be busy, but I will try to do better. Wish me luck!

Edit: Since I wrote this post, I have sworn off Etsy for good I hope. Their policies and procedures have gone way off the rails IMHO. I will be opening an independent store elsewhere soon…