D Is For Dog


No, not starting another alphabet :)

But, I just finished something that I am happy with for a change. My life seems to center around dogs these days and I have been looking for an outlet to bring that focus into my creative world also. After trying a few more cartoon/anime looking patterns, I found and modified a pattern with more realistic proportions and I like it very much. This is the direction to go!


This little fella is 5 inches long with glass eyes and jointed hind legs – so he can sit when asked, of course.



Next one will be fully my own pattern and might even have wire in the neck for even better poses :)

V is for Vine

V is for Vine, dangling in a Mulberry tree,
Phaseolus caracalla in the morning sun,
Ruby is enjoying the beautiful flower,
And Pandy thinks playing Tarzan is fun!

T is for Tired

T is for Tired, worn completely out,
Mama Ruby drifts off in her chair.
After tending to little ones all day,
Blessed sleep knits up the raveled sleeve of care.